Artist Statement

 What fascinates me most, is any work that is created in liminal spaces. Spaces that are in between light and dark, in between real and imaginary, in between what I’ve built and what grows on me. If I had to describe my work, I wouldn’t say that it’s contained within a fixed style. Experimentation is my medium and the coming together of various media is my work. 


Bare Necessities

Creative Director 


Content Creation : Photo & Video.

What About Art 

Studio Assistant to Pamela Moulton an Artist from Maine, USA, during her month long residency at WAA. 

Reefwatch Marine Conservation

Intern : Designed a book for a citizen science protocol manual called 'ACE Diver' that in turn will help with coral reef monitoring. 


The One School Goa
Graduate Diploma in Photography and Multimedia
Class of 2017

  • Fine Art 
  • Still Life & Food
  • Visual Storytelling

London College of Communication - University of Arts London
Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
Class of 2014

  • Photography
  • Bookmaking
  • Contact Printing

The Museum of Modern Art / Coursera

Modern Art & Ideas


  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Plaster of Paris Sculpting 
  • Handpoke Tattoo Artist 

Using Format